Sleep under the stars


  • Awesome
  • For sweet dreams
  • Complete set from birth - The perfect style for every place


აირჩიე შენი სტილი

Always feel safe

Travel the world, visit grandparents.... or simply enjoy being at home, your baby will always feel safe in the Starlight. A stylish "accessory" to take you anywhere.

Simple origami

... build it up and fold it down.... anywhere - and in only a few simple steps. Comes with its own carry bag.

My favourite accessory

Change your baby on the move comfortably and pain-free on the practical changing table with raised edge. The changing table can be removed when not in use and the side pocket keeps nappies and wipes close at hand.

Close to the stars

This 2nd level is perfect for newborns. Here your baby will feel safe and secure and the raised area makes it easy to lift your baby in and out.

Always in motion

Starlight has wheels for easy movement, so your little one is always close by. During the day it can be used as a play area.

  • Easy to erect
  • მსუბუქი ალუმინის კორპუსი
  • ინტეგრირებული საბურავები
  • კომპაკტურად კეცვადი
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